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We want a world that does not tolerate hunger and misery and is shaped by the mission of reconciliation.
We pray and work for people to live in healed relationships with God and His creation.

As a free church, which bases its foundation, its direction and its mission on the statements of the Bible, we want to alleviate mental, spiritual and material need and help needy people, as Jesus Christ has exemplified, through active charity.

Since 1986 we have been able to help different countries with clothing, finance, food, vehicles, furniture and medical devices.

Here are some of the recipient countries:
Romania, Hungary, Israel, Ukraine , Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana.

Donations 2024

1.  Dirk & Samanta with Family – Mexiko (Globe Mission)                             

Dirk and Samanta build God's kingdom in Mexico and Latin America and see abundant fruit. So we are now ambassadors for Christ, and in such a way that God Himself admonishes through us (2 Corinthians 5:20). Recently, they have conducted evangelistic campaigns and teaching courses with theory and practice in Costa Rica among the indigenous peoples and have experienced that many people welcome Jesus, are reconciled with God and then want to live their lives with Him. 

 Foto: privat /Rundbrief Dirk & Samanta

2.  Gerald Bengesser with Family - Papua-Neuginea

Gerald is originally from the Ludwigsburg area and the Lighthouse Church and has been in the Mission South-East Asia for many years. There he works on various projects, such as the construction of a hospital.

Foto: privat/Gerald Bengesser

In the organization "City Mission", he shows young, hopeless men how to lead a regular life. It also provides medical and technical assistance to those in need on the ground. 

 3. Divine Life Church / Pastorin Consolata Komba - Tansania

 Pastor Consolata has been building a small church in Unangwa Songea for many years. In the meantime, there is a church building, a pastor's house, a hospital room and a room with a sewing machine, where the girls are trained by a seamstress.

 Foto: privat /Mary Weber

4. Albrecht & Sabine Schill - Uganda (Gesundheitsberufe in Uganda)

A few years ago, Albrecht and Sabine moved from Ludwigsburg to Uganda to build the kingdom of God. Together, they want to build a school centre for health professions there.


5. Gerda Wallace - Namibia (Gospel Outreach)

Gerda has been running the Gospel Outreach work for many years. This maintains a kindergarten, school, and regular prayer meetings and church services. With her ministry she reaches many needy and also (drug) addicts, who are healed of their addiction by Jesus.

6. Barry und Batya Segal - Israel

Vision for Israel provides assistance in times of war in Israel by building shelters, distributing food packages to families, and providing personal safety equipment and medical kits.

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